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about Ann :

Age: 10

Date of Birth: December 26

Model from: Winterhaven, CA Winterset

Place you would love to visit: New York and the whole African continent!!

Favorite things: Watching movie with friends, and spending a lots of time with my family.

donna44 wrote: 4) Because it's true.
bgs wrote: I have a shoot on Friday that I really want to do my absolute best in. It is a glamour/lingerie shoot and possibly bathing suit also. Any advice and critique you have is greatly appreciated! Don't be afraid to be really constructive, my feelings wont get hurt! lol
c***i wrote: The best looking model!
jenna wrote: Sorry yesterday I did not post how I created my work, I haven't been in the forums in about 2 years was simply a case of forgetting My apologetics and sorry if it upset anyone
noah18 wrote: I have been away from modelling for a few years and decided to make a return so I messaged Russ.

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