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about Diane :

Age: 11

Date of Birth: January 23

Model from: Carthage, TX

Place you would love to visit: Nepalese mountains

Favorite things: Building stuff with wood, working in the garden, water, food and cooking for friends (maybe that's why I don't have many left!)

cokecola wrote: Really enjoyed the fun way Howard worked at The Stuart House shoot. He shot from the most amazing angles and came up with some stunning shots. Would definitely recommend him to other models. Thanks Howard!
kloz wrote: i had a great time working with and carrying your bags
shirley76 wrote: It looks fine. We're so overloaded with popping eye light and perfectly bright irises that when you see a "normal" picture, we think it's "underdone." It's good, looks natural. Why does everyone want the face so perfectly flat of any type of humanity that all you see are two nose holes?
rusty wrote: Original Shoot May 2011
garas wrote: and unique ability to pose with ease. The images were stunning, What a Star. from Tango1

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