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about Tanya :

Age: 6

Date of Birth: May 13

Model from: Australia

Place you would love to visit: Between Dot Cotton's legs…. failing that, Amsterdam.

Favorite things: To be in love and inspired no matter what…

giancarlo wrote: Versatile
peters3 wrote: Hi... you have some really nice work, youre a gorgeous girl. Id remove the following
perry wrote: Gritty Urban is a good photo. You got a good look into her eyes. I understand the fun of harsh line for this phot, but the dark shadow and very distinct line down her arm really obscure the arm shape. Being picky but this is just a shade away from being a really great photo.
wesley06 wrote: Cant wait for our next shoot.
herman4 wrote: Post one (1) image that you believe is your absolute best. I will give you a straight answer if I am impressed or not along with a suggestion for improvement if your work does not impress me or a compliment if your work does impress me.

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